Yasser El-Miedany MD, FRCP
Consultant Rheumatologist
H.Senior Clinical Lecturer,
Kings College London

International Consultations

Patients coming from overseas often wish to consult and then proceed to management within a short period of time. Whilst this is understandable, it is very important to ensure that your aims and the practical possibilities are closely matched in order to achieve the best outcome.  It may be useful to make a Skype consultation appointment with Dr. El Miedany in the first instance so that he can make an intial assessment of the condition, deformity or injury well in advance of your visit.  This may allow for procedures / management to follow swiftly after a final assessment is made in person at one of Dr. El Miedany's clinics. To arrange for that, please email Dr. El Miedany's secretary at: secretary@rheumatology4u.com